We Own the Planet (Read our Manifesto)

“We Own the Planet” is a short Manifesto concerning the creation of free basic goods for all people.

The age of automation has started and it allows us to rethink our society. We have the resources and the technology to automate all labour in order to produce free basic goods for everyone as a fundamental human right.

The big companies that control the society can no longer have the strength they had until now as long as automated labour is coming and we can use it in the interest of all people. A few thousands of people that own most of the wealth can not control the resources of the planet against billions of people. This isn’t natural and by doing this we exterminate ourselves as a species.

Everything we did is part of our evolution and belongs to all of us. A few people can not own something that is in the interest of all people. We should all benefit from the automation technologies until we gradually reach a point where everything is automated and we all share the resources of the planet to produce free basic goods for everyone.

If a few people can associate and start a business in a garage then why all people can’t associate with the government assistance and start a publicly owned social media and retail platform for the good of everyone and not just for unjustified profits.

Anything that is in the interest of all people should belong to the people and must run as a public service not as a private business.

Rebuilding Facebook and Amazon can be done with less than Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos earn in one day allowing us to buy any product directly from manufacturers at a much lower cost than we buy now.

People can register and log in with their identity card numbers, all governments can notify their citizen about these new public services that replace Facebook and Amazon so the transition can be done really quick, we don’t need to spend years to promote these new services as a regular business.

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