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Anything that is in the interest of all people should belong to the people and must run as a public service not as a private business.

Rebuilding Facebook and Amazon can be done with less than Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg earn in one day allowing us to buy any product directly from manufacturers at a much lower cost than we buy now.

Jeff Bezos $215,068,493 / Day
Mark Zuckerberg $38,400,000 / Day

People can register and log in with their identity card numbers, all governments can notify their citizen about this new public services that replace Facebook and Amazon so the transition can be done really quick, we don’t need to spend years to promote this new services as a regular business.

​These are basic public services we need to own, as long as these services are sold by private companies the entire society needs to pay a much higher price for every good we buy than it’s actually worth.

We can see now all products in one place, we can compare them and get all information about a product, so we can decide which product to buy at the right price directly from the manufacturers.

We don’t need expensive advertising and expensive packaging to convince us about the qualities of a product, the advertising and expensive packaging only makes each product more expensive.

If we have all products listed in one place we can decide what to buy based on the specifications of the product and reviews from other people and we can buy each product in a blank packaging to cut the costs with packaging and advertising which is not only more expensive for us and misleading but also is the main source of pollution we can solve simply by using blank packaging like standard biodegradable or reusable containers.

We need a social network and a retail platform that will allow us to buy directly from manufacturers at smallest cost, a system that help us analyse all data about us and our needs to dramatically cut the expense of living which is also a heavy cost for the environment.

We are giving now a share to big tech companies for everything we buy.

Advertising the products on Facebook means that the stores need to increase the price because of the expenses with the advertising which means we buy now all products at a much higher price than we could buy them if we used our own social network and a similar retail platform like Amazon/Aliexpress.

We can not continue to use social media networks and retail platforms owned by private companies, this are public services used by all people so it need to be own by people and implemented with the government assistance in order to reduce the cost of living.